At Platsky Company we strive to provide unequaled service in all phases of a project. Our team is committed to creating demand through solid relationships, hard work, targeted sales efforts, direct marketing campaigns, and overall expertise in the products we represent and markets that we cover.

Sales & Field Support

Platsky’s sales and technical trainers are actively engaged with contractors, distributors, architects, engineering firms, area utilities, and local government specifying agencies. Our knowledge of the products we represent, allows our team to be a trusted resource to all installers and specifying agencies. Our customers appreciate knowing that when they buy from Platsky, they receive more than just high-quality products—they receive a team committed to providing them the service and detailed technical support needed to ensure complete satisfaction of every product they purchase.

Sales & Support
Engineering Services

Specification Development

At Platsky Company, we understand the importance of spending time to develop specifications. We have staff members who are specifically dedicated to driving business through specifications within the engineering and design communities. We work with our industry friends to ensure that they get consistent product quality, operational functionality, and the products that fit their design and project needs.

Quoting & Customer Support

Our inside customer support and quoting departments work together with our customers to provide them with the support needed to give them peace of mind. The customer service department handles everything from pricing and order status to technical support and sizing and everything in between. Our quoting department utilizes a top industry quoting system to send out professional quotes, along with submittals and cut sheets. Our customers like our quoting system so much that they often ask us to send quotes (without pricing) and submittal packages directly to their customers.



Our in-house marketing team offers our manufacturing partners product promotion support guaranteed to increase visibility and market presence. Platsky’s marketing team works diligently to ensure that the innovative products we represent receive maximum exposure.

  • Automated email communications
  • Digital content production for social media and internal sales support
  • Custom marketing materials for wholesalers: video loops, store displays, window graphics, indoor/outdoor banners
  • Centralized customer relationship management system (CRM)
  • Prominent display on our company website

Startup & Warranty Services

Our team is available to visit your project site and perform startup services for select manufacturers. Startup supervision by an authorized representative is recommended to ensure proper equipment operation and assure optimal energy efficiency. The Platsky service team has a proven track record of exceptional customer service, enabling us to be your pre & post-installation partner.

Startup & Warranty Services